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Maker Faire Berlin 2019

In May of 2019, our team went to the Maker Faire in Berlin. A 3 days long event, full of amazing people, showcasing their creations. It gave us loads of inspiration, and of course, a chance to present our product to the bigger audience.

School Day was a perfect start

It brought us so much joy to see youth not only interested in our idea but also giving valuable feedback. We’ve definitely learned more than could’ve imagined. Would like to thank everyone who came to see us that day!

The following weekend we’ve had a pleasure to meet our first customers

The amount of attention we’ve received and people we’ve interacted with was priceless! The only way from that is to keep working to deliver more products better suited to all the demands we’ve heard. 

Here’s once again a sincere Thank You from us, as designers and as entrepreneurs to everyone who supported us during these days. We ended up selling every single pack we brought to Berlin, which came as a wonderful surprise and it meant very much to us. 

We are now more convinced than ever to continue our journey, and planning to attend and organize more events like this. You know we are always open to suggestions and inspirations. Make on!

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