Meet The Team

We are two friends from completely different backgrounds who decided to partner up and build something we both find dear to our hearts.

Product Design​

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📍Tomsk, Russia


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​📍Paris, France

We first met in 2016 and became friends when we were both on exchange in South Korea.

After that Regina’s been focusing on footwear design and production.

Starting with academic research on medical shoes for children, then going on to work at a smart-wear technology company in Tokyo, Regina decided to develop her own shoe concept: a wearable play

Around the end of 2018, the two of us started to talk about this concept together. 

Though we followed quite different paths in the past (one in design and one in business), we both find the value of creative confidence and maker spirit to be important in today’s world and dear to our personal values.

We both believed in the power of integrating creativity in early education, and we soon realized how our different skillsets could make a great partnership to bring this idea to life.

This is how Raz:beri was born.

For us, this is an opportunity to build something we believe in, as well as a path of personal growth and learning.


We are open to all kinds of feedback, suggestions, or inspirations from customers, professionals and fellow entrepreneurs alike.

Regina currently lives in Tomsk, Russia, and Annabel in Paris, France.

We'd happy to connect over email, LinkedIn, or a cup of coffee !


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